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03 Mar

Like this one: The Irvine Template (above) is often picked by users who want to collect new business leads. So that might be a perfect option if you’re going the B2B route.

Select the theme that works best for you, and then hit “get started.” After a few seconds…

That way you could upsell them other products or even services to keep working together. Creating and selling an online course suddenly becomes daunting once you start peeling back all of the layers.

Unfortunately, that’s why people often stop right here, at the ‘dream’ stage. I’m also going to show you, right now, how to overcome all of these challenges. Here’s how to get started building out your first course on Kajabi.

The short answer is that there’s a ton of details to figure out first.

And when he released his second course on Swift (Apple’s programming language), he brought in in the first month. Check this out: Percival was a former high school math teacher!

Then, when i OS8 came out, they put out an email with the course for and quickly brought in a cool 0,000.

Or what about Rob Percival, whose programming courses have earned him more than , originally for free, and got 4,000 students to sign-up.

Then, he put the price back to its full amount of 9.

He brought in ,000 of revenue in the first month.