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01 May

Pox is a mold or fungus that grows in the plastic and is activated by extreme climates Keep those P and PMI kids cool and dry.

IC and UT factory kids have small, firm bodies, beautiful porcelain like complexions, big eyes, and good blushing.

The value of these kids depends on condition and originality.

You should get to know foreign CPK qualities, and be able to identify them by sight if you like them.

People will sometimes label them as factory mistakes.Most of the Jesmars had freckles, but some do not and they were generally taller than Colecos.Jesmar kids were distributed to many different countries so the boxes and papers were in several different languages.Their heads tend to turn orange and get sticky and they are prone to Pox.Pox is the worst cabbie sickness, The P factory kids get dark spots, and the PMI kids get pinpoint dots surrounded by a light spot we call reverse pox.