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08 Apr

Data for these reports are collected through health surveys, by hospitals and by doctors across Australia.An important issue when collecting health information is to make sure that it is accurate and reliable.Population pyramid Figure 1 is a population pyramid; it shows a comparison of the age profiles of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and non-Indigenous populations [11].The bars show the percentage of the total population that falls within each age group.

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SDGinsights supports integrated sustainable development approaches by joining the dots across diverse sectors.

Social media supports powerful dialogues around the sustainable development agenda, driving integrated approaches.

Development organizations can achieve ambitious social media goals using a few systematic steps. Inis Communication is an international communications firm that helps global health and development agencies achieve greater impact and visibility.

Sometimes health services are not culturally appropriate (which means they do not consider Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and the specific needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people).

Also, some Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people may not be able to use some services because they are too expensive.