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25 Apr

In addition, electronic spell-checkers or other types of assistive technology may be suitable for students who would benefit from entering responses on a computer rather than on paper.

For students with a specific learning disability in math known as dyscalculia, accommodations may include use of a standard or graphing calculator to allow students to focus on concepts rather than calculations.

Many experts recommend including students in discussions about the types of supports they may need.

While it sounds obvious, kids are usually acutely aware of their academic struggles, and bringing them into the conversation early is key to tailoring support services appropriately.

According to research reported on Parent Hub, “The use of read-aloud accommodations on assessments of mathematics for students with low reading skills …

For this reason, they should be designed to address the characteristics of a specific child’s disability or learning challenge.

Students may also be provided with extended time to allow them to work through math problems and demonstrate their mastery without rushing.

Students who have difficulties with working memory or visual processing may be permitted to write directly into a test booklet so that they don’t have to rely on memory to retain information.

Using an accommodation repeatedly in advance will help your child become more self-aware and adept at pacing.

Without such practice, she may well have as much difficulty as she used to once — or potentially even more — when faced with the actual exam. What Schools Could Use Instead Of Standardized Tests.