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25 Apr

Many of these children also benefit from a separate room with few distractions (and typically few other students).For students with a specific learning disability in reading and writing such as dyslexia or dysgraphia, there are a number of effective accommodations, such as reading directions or passages aloud (although for tests that explicitly assess reading comprehension or fluency, this support is not typically available).Using an accommodation repeatedly in advance will help your child become more self-aware and adept at pacing.

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[was found to be one of] the most effective accommodations.” Children with reading and writing disabilities may also benefit from extended time on tests to allow them to decode or comprehend what they read and to formulate written responses.Tests are certainly not the only — nor are they the best — way to measure learning, but they are an unavoidable part of school life for most children in the U. Beyond classroom exams and quizzes, many students need to take annual statewide tests in public and some private schools.While there are excellent critiques of standardized tests, including in the May Noodle Debate Academy, most K–12 schools continue to use these assessments to measure student achievement.Your child will still require strategies to prepare for an exam and to become familiar with her accommodations. Assessment/Assessment Accommodations | Special Connections. For example, students often need explicit instruction around what to do with extra time on a test.