Adult chat bots mobile

26 Mar

That sounds very similar to the reports consumers are making against Gamazing’s services as well.

Remember the support email that initially linked Gamazing to Appsdorado?

Note: This piece is an in depth look into the SMS marketing industry, and how a shift to Facebook Messenger marketing not only holds companies more accountable, but deters them from spamming users and frees consumers from unwanted fees and messages.“Free Msg: You have subscribed to Gamazing, first 24H free, then £4.50 Weekly from Izesoft until you text STOP to 85074. 02036270110.” This message and many others like it have been flooding people’s phone inboxes.

Beginning in August, began receiving reports of these messages from a gaming service named Gamazing.

Created in early 2017, has accrued over 600,000 short code numbers and thousands of user reports.

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One result is another “popular” mobile services platform, Appsdorado, a website that touts they are the “go-to platform for the latest in Android Apps.” Stated at the bottom of their website, the service is operated by a company called Artiq Mobile B. In 2015, Artiq Mobile was fined over 686,000 EUR (US 0,000) in a case where they were found liable of charging for misleading text messaging services under a platform known as “Celldorado”.

Wait, companies can’t just text me if I never signed up for their services, right?

Yes, if they are following regulation, but it seems that nefarious companies like Gamazing have found other “alternative” methods to spread their services.

Calling their number goes directly to a pre-recorded voicemail, which doesn’t return your calls. If you visit the website, you will be shown an error message stating that their service is unavailable.

Why would Gamazing provide a support email to a website that is out of service?