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23 Apr

While the rational mind scoffs at the idea of any human as “cursed,” the emotions lead us to wonder if such a thing might actually be possible.

Robert Lincoln’s last brother, Thomas, whom their father had called “Tad,” died at age 18 in 1871. Sadly, Robert Lincoln was very familiar with death. Several different people claimed to have been the one to inform him of John Wilkes Booth’s attack on his father at the theater, and Lincoln himself remembered only that numerous people came to him that night with the awful news.

When founder George Pullman died in 1897, Lincoln was elevated to the company’s presidency.

In 1901, the Lincolns vacationed all summer in New Jersey.

Milburn, president of the Pan-American Exposition, where Mc Kinley was resting after a seemingly successful surgery to repair internal damage caused by Leon Czolgosz’s bullets.

Lincoln spent a few minutes with the President and was convinced that Mc Kinley would be fine.