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27 Mar

See full summary » Three minutes into her set, Amy Schumer claims that all good comedians have a "leather special," where they wear all leather and regret it later in their careers--this is hers. See full summary » I often wonder how much 'professional' critics get paid as Schumer seems to have a few too many positive reviews.I can understand some liking her, we are all different, but the media coverage and the sheer number of positive coverage seems somewhat odd.Known for his distinctive merging of realism with the fantastic, he has adapted several of his best-known works for the stage, notably Heaven Eyes, which follows a trio of runaways from an orphanage, and The Savage, about a young boy’s grief after the death of his father.At first glance, A Song for Ella Grey, adapted by Almond from his award-winning 2014 book, looks a familiar enough chronicle of first love in all its intensity and confusion.Leave Freeze or Die is a webcomic written and drawn by Jeremy Yuenger.It follows the misadventures of the students of fictional College University in Manchester, New Hampshire, and their dealings with figures from pop culture, state and local politics, and the media.Lorne Campbell’s production for Northern Stage is deceptively simple too.Amy Cameron, playing Claire, the breathless narrator, delivers the 75-minute monologue on…

The annual cash award is funded by an endowment established by David and Caren Anderson in honor of their late daughter, and is administered by Arts & Humanities Bainbridge.The weekly strip in its current form began in 2004.It is a spin-off of the graphic novel series of the same name begun in 1989, and was preceded by another weekly comic with the same cast, entitled Over the Counter Culture, which ran in Boston College's The Heights from 1996 through 1999.Armed with her headshot, resume of community theatre roles, and her dreams, she moved from Bainbridge Island to Los Angeles when she was just 14 years old.Today she is a grounded, successful young woman with her own television show, four film credits, and numerous other TV and music credits.