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25 Mar

Multiple-source financing meant that no particular agency was responsible for funding education and in every case, it was severely underfinanced.

In these circumstances, it is somewhat surprising that a system of mass education emerged in the early twentieth century.

In the next section, we deal with the financing of Antiguan-Barbudan education, followed by a section which examines the purposes of instruction.

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The money which was originally bequeathed for ransoming Christian captives from the Moors, was re-directed to another humanitarian cause.Some of the credit has to go to the high native ability of the children and grandchildren of slaves and the sacrifices which their parents were prepared to make to school them. Sewell (1861) who visited in 1860 regarded Antiguan creoles to be more intelligent than the other West Indians whom he had met.What is not surprising, is the length of time it took for high quality elementary education with bearing on the local environment and relevance to real development goals, to emerge.It consisted of £30,000 per annum for five years 1840-1845 for the entire British West Indies.Based on its ex-slave population, Antigua was allocated £1000 in theory and it was managed by the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel (SPG) and the Methodist Society (Gordon, 1963).