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06 Jan

Grand Jury hearings are confidential and closed to the public.Plea and Arraignment: At this hearing, a number of case management-related issues are resolved.Most recently, Ray has been the “go-to” legal expert for CBS Atlanta - appearing on the evening news with Stephany Fisher, and also Is there a difference between a “lawyer” and a “trial lawyer? A “lawyer” attempts to avoid jury trials - settling for a quick criminal plea deal, or taking the first monetary settlement offered in a personal injury or civil case.A “trial lawyer” is always ready to go to trial—preparing an aggressive defense case, and negotiating from a position of strength, in order to protect their client’s rights and freedom.*If Grand Prix attendance is 0-2,999 players, prize money will be paid out to 64th place.If Grand Prix attendance is at or over 3,000 participants, prize money will be paid out to 180th place.Negotiated pleas and non-negotiated pleas are also taken.

Forms can be downloaded here and will be available on-site.Minors must have a parent of guardian’s signature on these forms.Minors will not be able to register or play unless we receive a waiver signed by a parent or guardian. Many Grand Prix offer additional services to participants, such as Sleep-In Specials and VIP packages.Together, he and his associate attorneys have clocked thousands of hours of experience in the courtroom. Additionally, a number of procedural issues are handled including a determination of indigence, the appointment of defense counsel, a determination of the appropriate case track (Non-Complex, Standard, Complex), a determination of bond and the next scheduled court appearance.