Beat adult chat lines with no hidden charges uk

17 Jan

Moneymagpie: In your opinion how easy is it to make money from premium phone lines? As long as you give the 08 number to all the companies you deal with and never give them your normal landline number.Then each time they sell on our data the 08 numbers gets used more and more. Moneymagpie: What are the problems you’ve faced if any?

Here’s all you need to know about this money making opportunity below.

There are many types of premium rate services that you could run to make a profit.

The types of services available include: If you want to set up a premium rate service in the UK, there are five steps you need to follow.

To make money you can offer a service which people can pay to use, or you can can just use them to get your own back on cold callers and make them pay to call you – take a look at our interview with Lee Beaumont below to find out exactly how to do this.

This will depend on the service you choose but initial set up costs for a single telephone number can be quite low, it’s reported that Lee Beaumont paid £10 VAT to set up his 0871 telephone number. Besides just getting revenge on cold callers, you can use your premium number to offer a service.