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13 Jan

Experiment with the different light sources until you get something that works. Always have it zoomed out as much as it will go and use your legs to get nearer your subject.The minute you start zooming in, you lose image quality and on a mobile camera you need as much quality as you can get, although this isn’t the case if you’re using a smartphone with an optical zoom.My favourite apps for editing smartphone photos are ‘Afterlight’ and ‘VSCO Cam’ (great colour pop without using a filter) but there are tonnes out there. Play around with props, clothes, hairstyle, make up, backdrops and in amongst all the shots, you should find a few awesome ones which will help your dating profile stand out from the crowd.I’m a bit of a maverick, if truth be told, and am a firm believer in breaking the rules to get an interesting shot. Good luck and, most importantly, go have fun doing it. For more advice head back to our dating section, or read more of our dating blogs!The easiest and most flattering light to work with is the nice, even light you find on a cloudy day.The clouds act as a giant diffuser, spreading the light evenly across the face, meaning there are no horrible unflattering shadows.), and add a bit of colour pop and contrast if need be.

One of the key things to a good dating profile photo, besides being good quality, is making it stand out from the sea of blurry, poorly lit ones you see so often. If you’re not into the prop idea, that’s OK, just make the background work for you instead.It produces a flat, uneven light that creates deep, hard-edged shadows, often bleaching out the skin tone and giving the subject the highly undesirable red-eye.The easiest way to avoid this is to head outdoors and seek out some good quality natural light.So, how can you do that if you’re just taking a photo on your mobile phone? Head to the colourful parts of your town like Notting Hill, Dalston, Shoreditch, the Southbank and find some interesting backdrops to use, such as street art, colourful markets, cool cafes, shops with bunting, etc.A good photo tells a story, so how can you tell potential dates something about you in one quick mobile photo? If you look hard enough, and that really is the key thing, you’ll see all kinds of cool things that can add a bit of colour and life to your photo.