Bpd dating another bpd

12 Feb

“It really felt like she was losing herself to me and I felt the same way. Soon, Mike was breaking up with his girlfriend to fall headlong into a passionate affair with Elizabeth.

Or Angelina Jolie’s fragile and terrifying mental patient in Girl, Interrupted.

And so it went.”Mike eventually broke up with Elizabeth.

But the experience still haunts him, particularly when his current girlfriend—an argumentative journalist—wants to engage in a friendly debate.

You're happy to let someone in that "just gets you." You believe God created this woman for you. While she might look like the girl next door, this woman fucks like a porn star, just oozing with sexuality behind closed doors. It's not that it's kinky, the sex is so damn passionate.

You two fuck like you're the only two people in the world, cut out from the stars and literally made for each other.