Brooklyn bisex chat line

24 Jan

Teenage callers can flirt, holler and gab for hours without worrying about their parents finding it on their phone bills. " But Bowman, who owns millions of dollars worth of property around Lake Tahoe, exploits a quirk in U. And Ripple says it handles 8 million minutes a day.

"It's the poor person's Internet," said Dixi Dougherty, Ripple's director of operations. Ripple and its phone company partners wouldn't tell The News how much money changes hands. Male: "You sit on that goddamn phone looking for d--- on the chat line, honey.

Ripple's dozens of chat lines have names like the New York Donut or the Philly Raven, where callers swap unprintable insults, filthy sex talk and personal details.

The chat lines are set up to be free local calls in cities across America. Phone companies have to pay Ripple a fraction of a penny for every minute that someone uses one of its lines.

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