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28 Dec

Also multiple sources indicate that the cam lift specs for a 2002-2004 LS6 are .551" intake / .547 exhaust.

Perhaps someone should send an inquiry to Corvette Quarterly to clear the air on the C5 LS1 cam specs issue.

I did a search in the forum archives and these are the specs that I came up with.

My understanding is that the cam specs for LS1 engines are as follows: 1997-2000 C5 LS1: - Intake / Exhaust Duration @ .050": 202 / 210 Degrees - Intake / Exhaust Lift: .472" / .479" - LSA: 117 Degrees 2001-2004 C5 LS1: - Intake / Exhaust Duration @ .050": 199 / 210 Degrees - Intake / Exhaust Lift: .467" / .479" - LSA: 116 Degrees 1998-2002 Camaro / Firebird LS1: - Intake / Exhaust Duration @ .050": 198 / 208 Degrees - Intake / Exhaust Lift: .500" / .500" - LSA: 115.5 Degrees There has been only one cam change in the C5 LS1 - in 2001 - when a number of other changes were made in the C5 LS1 motor.

Everything looks to be in great shape, was just going to freshen it and change valve springs which is the reason I needed as much info on the cam as possible. Looks like a standard GMC 671 case with the Isky name.

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Is there any document that explains the diferences between these two verions?My understanding is that 1998-2002 F-Bodies (Camaros and Firebirds) LS1 engines were equipped with a cam with the following specs: - Intake / Exhaust Duration: 198 / 208 degrees @ .050 Llift - Intake / Exhaust Lift: .500" / .500" - LSA: 115.5 Some of you also cite a cam with identical specs as being the cam that was installed in 2000 C5 LS1's.The F-Body LS1 cam required an an externally visible EGR valve, which all F-Bodies have.Look on the other end----It could be a Lunati, or Ultra Dyne, or Reed, or any one of a bunch more cam companies.The numbers off the front should tell the story, or at least some of us may be able to decode them.