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14 May

One of these, the ancient city of Urkesh was recently excavated at Mozan in the Khabur Valley of northeast Syria.

A foundation inscription of Tish-atal, a ruler of Urkesh who bore the Hurrian regal title , is the oldest document in the Hurrian language.

The largest and most important Hurrian state, the Mittani kingdom (named Hanigalbat in Akkadian sources), flourished during the second half of the 2 millennium BCE and occupied a wide area between Nuzi in eastern Iraq and Kizzuwatna in southeastern Anatolia.

Mittani was one of the Great Kingdoms of the Late Bronze Age and for a century fought with Egypt for supremacy over Syria.

An important point is that “Hurrian songs” does not mean that all narrative texts are in the Hurrian language but rather have their origin within Hurrian culture.This was crucial for the written transmission and conservation of Hurrian religious and literary traditions to the present.It is mainly thanks to the Hittites that we are now acquainted with Hurrian religious culture, and their epic-mythological narrative literature, since no Hurrian archives have yet been unearthed in their core regions. 5: The head of the Hurrian-Hittite pantheon in the rock sanctuary of Yazılıkaya, near Hattusa: the Storm-God Teshub and his consort, the Syrian goddess Hepat; from: J. The Hittite Rock Sanctuary of Yazılıkaya, Istanbul, Ege Yayınları, 2011 The term “narrative literature”, as well as “myths,” “epic,” and “poem,” are modern classifications with no counterparts in Hurrian or Hittite.In the first half of the fourteenth century stability was reached between the Great Kings of Mittani and the Egyptian pharaohs. van Soldt (eds.), Theory and Practice of Knowledge Transfer.Dynastic marriages between princesses of Mittani and Egyptian pharaohs resulted, attested in the copious diplomatic correspondence between the two courts, discovered in the Egyptian archives at the capital city of el Amarna. Studies in School Education in the Ancient Near East and Beyond, Leiden, NINO, 2012 The Hittites proved fatal to the Hurrians from a political perspective, but the relationship was nevertheless culturally significant.