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There are 19 designated locations in the GTA, including three former “ordnance depots” on Bay, Spadina and Fort York and a “possible bombing range” near Vaughan.Almost all of those sitesare designated as “suspected” because historical records indicate there may be homes to unexploded ordnance.Since 2005 when the department launched its UXO program, it has spent million searching for unexploded ordnance, while the country’s growing population and urban sprawl were reaching long-abandoned storage sites and testing ranges.“In the past, they were in some pretty remote areas to keep the soldiers and the training away from populated areas,” said Preston, “But time passes (and) there is a greater occurrence of events.”Between 19, at least nine people were killed near Vernon, B. There has not been a UXO-related death since 1997 in Lethbridge, Alta.The last known injury occurred in 2007 when a farm employee in Manitoba ran over a buried pyrotechnic device.Preston’s team combs through archives and military records and even chats with old-timers in small towns who remember the war years.Then they target a number of hot spots to retrieve and remove undetonated bombs and other potentially dangerous weapons.16 SFTSHamilton - Mount Hope Haycock Island Horse Point - Firing and Bombing Range Jarvis - Blott Point BRJarvis - Evans Point BRJarvis - Hoover Point BRJarvis - Lake Erie (Nantucket BR)Jarvis - Lake Erie (Port Dover BR)Jarvis - Lake Erie (Port Maitland BR)Jarvis - Long Point Bay BRJarvis - No.

During sweeps along the shore, DND personnel found hundreds of kilograms of weapons fragments.

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But I remember growing up with my parents and not wearing seatbelts and now we realize that is not a good idea.”In Ostrander Point in Prince Edward County, environmentalists complained contractors hired to look for unexploded ordnance at the former air force site were clearing wide sections of wildlife habitat that is home to migrating birds and endangered species.“All the protective measures are in place,” insisted Preston.