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Stay-at-home mom Aviva Drescher, journalist/author Carole Radziwill, and entrepreneur Heather Thomson were introduced as the new Housewives, rounding out the six-women ensemble.This brought the cast to eight full-time Housewives, becoming the largest ensemble in the history of the franchise. On September 8, 2015, Thomson announced, after three years in the cast, that she would not return for season eight, while on October 26, 2015, Taekman confirmed that she too would not return for the upcoming season.Of the original housewives, Frankel initially left after the third season before returning for the seventh; Mc Cord and Zarin left after the fourth season; and de Lesseps was reduced to a recurring capacity during the sixth season and returned to being a full-time cast member the following season.The remaining housewives joined in later seasons: Morgan in the third, Radziwill in the fifth, Medley in the seventh, and Mortimer in the ninth.'Carolyn called me from the plane right before they were taking off.

Kelly Killoren Bensimon was added to the cast for the second season, which premiered on February 17, 2009.

I'm at the airport and they're not here,'' recalls Radziwill.'And then, and then I thought, 'Oh.

Oh s***.' And I just bolted out of bed.'Radziwill explains how she then got to work trying to find the couple, who had just been married three years prior in a ceremony off the coast of Georgia attended by only 30 guests, including Carole and her husband. 'One call led to another to another to another, and I called the Hyannis Airport many times, because I assumed that they had made a mistake,' says Radziwill.'And the whole time I'm calling John's friend and screaming into the phone, 'Please, you have to find somebody in John's family, to tell, tell them what's going on.''Radziwill's calls were not getting her anywhere however, and she soon started to realize that authorities would have to be notified about the two, who had been flying with Bessette's sister Lauren.'It was probably between 2 or 3 when I realized I had to call the Coast Guard and report John's plane missing,' reveals Radziwill.'I said, 'My cousin's missing.' And, and then he took the name, and I think there was a little bit of a, like, a gasp on the other end of the phone.'John had taken off from Essex County Airport in Fairfield, New Jersey, at pm on July 16, 1999 bound for the airfield in Martha's Vineyard.

Carole Radziwill is opening up about the death of her cousin-in-law John F. and best friend Carolyn Bessette in a rare interview.

The author and Real Housewives of New York star will appear on the HLN docu-series 'How It Really Happened with Hill Harped' in an episode entitled 'JFK Jr.'s Tragic Final Flight' that will premiere on Friday.