Casting calls for reality dating shows

21 Dec

But next time, we'll forego the casting call and apply online with homemade audition videos.

The experience was enlightening (I guess), but there's no real reason to wait in a bunch of casting call lines when you can apply from the comfort of your own home—or, you know, sit at home and not find love on a dating app instead.

It was at this time that doubts crept in: But by 7 P.

M., I'd given myself enough internal pep talks (and sipped enough champagne) that not even the pouring rain could stop me from getting to the audition.

But no matter what they were wearing, it was clear that all of them knew their way around a Sephora.

Most of the women chatted amongst themselves, mindlessly scrolled through social media, or nervously finger-combed their hair and checked their lip gloss.

(Note: You can print the application, fill it out ahead of time, and bring it with you.

If you want to go to a doesn’t want the kind of girl who gets nervous and shouts a string of nonsensical words at a camera, then they don’t want me.

All of the waiting and ruminating and build-up led to me falling to shambles on camera. I headed up the stairs, hopped in a surprisingly short line, and signed into the auditions.(The earnestness I mustered in that last answer surprised me, too.)The whole process took a little more than an hour—which, to be fair, was way better than I expected.Not to mention, most of that time was spent filling out the application.The articulate, concise answers I'd written on the application form flew out of my head. There were doors everywhere, but all of them were locked—and there was no excessively long line in sight. I spent the next hour filling out the much longer line, which would eventually lead into a room full of casting directors.Thanks to nerves, I basically spewed a mumbo jumbo of verbs and adjectives at the camera instead. Once I made it to the front, a generally warm and friendly casting agent filmed me for about five minutes while I discussed some of the answers on my application. It seems like a good opportunity to meet people I wouldn't otherwise run into—and I think it's important to take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself to me.