Cat dating sim

03 Mar

The ending round about lands in the same place when it comes to the overarching conflict, but you resolve it with a different person at your side, and their individual strengths, each time.I didn’t expect my favorite person to be Reese (though, considering my tastes, maybe I should have,) but BOY was he ever my favorite.I neither got to feel like the player character was me nor a character I actually liked very much.’s Avery is just so smoothly written that it landed perfectly for me. But I soldiered on, intending to Hustle every single Cat. does a very good job of giving you satisfyingly different paths and endings as a reward for each romp.I don't know about you, but I am super-ready to make out with cats in a video game. is the story of our player character, Avery Grey, looking for a job and finding one at a nearby cat café.But I really preferred this method to the silent-protagonists of RPGing (.) When the written personality is natural and reacts to their environment reasonably and appropriately, you feel like you’re in it perhaps even more successfully than with a “blank-slate” style character.The last stateside-build dating sim I’ve played was , which I enjoyed, but the player character was sometimes unlikable and posed choices none of which seemed appropriate to me.

Not only is it a beacon for magical activity, it’s got a curse on it that turns its employees into cats when they leave the shop!

Some choices take you off and back on the destined path, and some point you towards different endings.

The writing is fantastic, especially for Avery, who has a natural, personable sense of self and a kind but cheeky sense of humor.

Feels like a genuine reward for all of your efforts.

The only thing that heart-wrenching personal problems?? I’ve really come to appreciate games that make me love the characters so much that I worry about neglecting them on the account of game mechanics. They transcend pixels and become ideas I really, genuinely care about. Each route gives you something different to help your partner conquer: fear, anger, self-worth, family, legacy and inadequacy, and resignation.