Caucasian dating mexican

19 Jan

Last Christmas, I did a fund drive, and I got 0. I haven’t been writing because I have been so down, and the past couple of days, the stuff I wanted to write was pretty negative and did not seem to be in the Christmas spirit, so I decided to spare you.

But all of this time, I have been working, mostly on my piece on the Chinese languages, which is now up to 142 pages. The writing is very slow-going because for each new page you add, it seems like you subtract one because I am constantly going through it and rewriting it and cutting stuff out.

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Females, at least here in the modern West, are convinced that any single man can go out and get sex anytime they want to. In fact, I would probably be writing this piece at a table at a bar myself, at 11 AM yet. This is why women see the world as a fantasy creation of the dream world of Feminine Character instead of how it actually is – a cold, cruel, unfair world where you barely stand a chance. Of course that is true, but the average attractive woman could easily have her pick of 10-15 attractive men every day if she chose, at a minimum.

So I paid ,000 to purchase the car and drive it for a year is what it boils down to.

Well the transmission was probably bad from the very start based on some noises and it only lasted 10,000 miles before it blew right before Christmas.

Also most of the current news out there seems so horribly depressing that rather than write about it or even read about it, I can go off and write about Chinese languages, and it doesn’t depress me one bit.

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