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24 Jan

It is accepted that, in so far as Japanese law is concerned, Etsuo and the wife were legally divorced on 27th February 1985. A kyogi rikon is a valid form of divorce in Japan, (where, apparently, it is the most frequently used method of divorce – see A6-11).It is available under Article 763 of the Japanese Civil code (A2-716).Mr Turek, a solicitor and officer of the Treasury Solicitor who acts for the Queen's Proctor (p251), has filed six statements dated 10th January 2006 (A1-251), 2nd May 2006 (A6-1069), 8th May 2006 (A6-1137), 23rd May 2006 (A6-1087 – i.e.the fourth report appears before the third report in the bundle), 27th June 2006 (A6-1179) and 14th July 2006 (A6-1189).During the hearing I rejected an application by Mr Tolson QC that he should be permitted to cross examine Mr Turek on the 'decision making process' of the Queen's Proctor.11.The Queen's Proctor has taken the lead role in instructing the main experts in these proceedings.

In that answer he pleaded the wife's prior marriage to Etsuo as the basis for his denial that he is or has been lawfully married to the wife. It is accepted that, in the event that the nullity petition is rejected, there should be a decree of divorce, although there would need to be some discussion between the parties as to the particulars of behaviour that would be agreed.10.What you'll find inside my members' area are: candid upskirt, public upskirt, voyeur upskirt, hidden upskirt, etc..This judgment concerns whether a form of divorce in Japan, a kyogi rikon, is a divorce 'obtained by means of proceedings' for the purposes of s46(1) of the Family Law Act 1986.The contentions of the husband are embodied in his petition by which he seeks a declaration that the marriage is void (A1-17).That petition is dated 8th March 2005 and contains the following pleading: 'The Respondent was lawfully married in Japan to Etsuo .