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29 Dec

If you are asked to return for another check-up, it is important that you do so, even if the discharge has gone.

Samples of the discharge can be taken by wiping with cotton-wool swabs. if it's anything else, it is juts not normal (except for ovulation when it's nort of egg white-like...) and if that abnormla discharge persists, woman should see a doctor.It could signify anything from STD, candida or even cancer... However, better check it out - better safe than sorry Posted by Optional on 07/02/2017 at I had sex with my partner two days ago. The next day after he was giving me oral sex, my vagina became swollen. Last time I got a green discharge I went to my local clinic and they said it was vaginitis.It is normal to have some vaginal discharge, because the vagina stays moist as part of its self-cleansing mechanism.The normal moist discharge clears dead cells and bacteria from the vagina.