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04 Dec

When you talk to a man about your relationship, you have the OPPOSITE effect on him than you intend.

Though we often hear men say how much they hate how “emotional” women are - this is exactly the part they CRAVE.

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Every time we TALK about the relationship, it feels to him like a laundry list of to do items instead of INSPIRING a man to want to be with us.We stop being the fun, relaxed women who he originally fell for who made him happy.This takes us further AWAY from the commitment we want.Wendy Walsh – Santa Monica Duke University House Course – Los Angeles, CA Matchmakers Conference Cruise – Gulf of Mexico Sacred Love – Santa Monica Internet Dating Conference, Miami, FL Learning Annex, Los Angeles, CA Club Med, Turks & Caicos – JDate seminar series Friar’s Club, Beverly Hills, CA UJC National Young Leadership Conference, Washington, DC International Internet Dating Convention, San Francisco “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change”, New York and San Francisco Online Dating Workshop, 92nd St.Y, New York Utah Singles, Salt Lake City Revolutionary Relationships Retreat – San Diego, CA TEDx – St.