Consolidating your unsecured debt

02 Jan

Our proven system for unsecured debt consolidation not only simplifies your monthly financial obligations, it also often results in creditors being willing to lower your interest rates and waive outstanding late fees and over-limit fees.

This can lower your total monthly payment and shorten the time that it takes you to become completely debt-free.

Consumers willing to do a bit of searching and screening will find many reputable debt consolidation companies, and several different approaches to dealing with debt problems.

Common approaches to unsecured debt consolidation fall into two broad categories: Another approach, debt settlement, is sometimes confused with debt consolidation but is really quite different.

You may also want to consider debt settlement if you feel that the situation is out of control.When you do not pay, the bank does not have a direct recourse on the loan.They can sue you for lack of payment and possibly garnish your wages in the future, but they cannot take your home away from you.It can have a negative impact on your credit, because it will say settled instead of paid in full.This should only be an option if you are already months behind on your debt payments.