Covent garden dating

06 Feb

Check out some of our new awesome neighbors in our guide to Covent Garden! A cutting edge and super cool version of a department store that feels more like an art installation, it’s is home to high fashion brands like Raf Simons and Dior.

Much of these docks have been filled and most of the buildings have been demolished. As it turns look back and you can see the tower of St George in the East in Stepney which I mentioned in connection with St Peter’s Church. And behind is Canary Wharf Keep walking ahead and go under the roadway. Stop 4: Hermitage Basin This basin was added to the London Docks between 18 to create a second entrance. It now has a row of modern housing and a sculpture called “Rope Circle” and is by Wendy Taylor.Stop 5: Hermitage Memorial Riverside Garden This was part of the site of the Hermitage Wharf which was destroyed in a firebomb raid in December 1940.When the land came up for redevelopment there was a requirement to keep some of the river front accessible to the public.Just past the Pier Head is the one of Wapping’s riverside pubs – The Town of Ramsgate.It is an atmospheric pub, long and thin, with delightful old fittings – eventually leading to a river terrace.