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28 Mar

On June 9th 1974, Fancy's covered version of "Wild Thing" entered Billboard’s Hot Top 100 chart at position #99; twelve weeks later on September 1st, 1974 it would peaked at #14 and it stayed on the chart for 17 weeks...

And on September 7th, 1974 it peaked at #9 on the Canadian RPM Singles chart...

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I love this movie since 2013 I found it in a music video then I've try to find the title of the movie bcoz even in a music video I fell in love.... But I had loved the things that I just did in school so that he ll notice me just like baifern did in the movie.. i cant explain what i feel but all i can say is i loved this movie very much its my NO.1 Movie even i just watch it 2016 i still like it I Wish i could meet P Shone and P Nam in Personal the best love story of thailanders.which is..story is very remarkable for me.the cast of this movie blessed and have a wonderful success in their career ... Since 2012 onwards, I have never moved on from this movie.

I couldn't stop crying when she finally confessed her love to P'Shone after 3 years and she came to know that he's in a relationship already! Now i became a big fan of Thai films,really really a great,cute and a comedy movie. 'Nam' the character in the film is very adorable and "P'chon" is the inspirer to be good with everyone. I get inspired by this movie to sacrifice, accept and love things like decisions. shone and nam are sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet........................ though am an Indian..i watch this with cracy about this movie... to date, this year 2011, my unrequited love turn 9 years, i met him when i was still 15 in High school, i also try to change myself to make his eyes look at me, but i think my effort can't be compared to Nam's, and unlike Nam, i didn't have the courage to tell him how i really now acting as my teacher in animation and my director, and still my feelings are secretly kept. :)) MARIO MAURER YOU'RE SOOOO HOOOOOOOOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When i first heard of this movie i literally watched it because the guy was hot and when i finished it, i fell in love with not only just P.shone but with the movie and all of the cast as well.

Even though it was just a film, I felt like everything is really happening for real. I hope a part 2 will be there to entertain Indian youths. I will never told her anymore :-) i love this movie because it was so related .. he make his own filipino film with my idol Erich Gonzales.... i wanna see him in personal if he will back here in the philippines!!! I saw this film "little thing called love" and i have watch it many times, i really like it very much that i want to watch it again and again. I just watched it over again for my project in english for a filmed movie review! I hope you make another movie as beautiful like this......... to people who gave their ways that made this movie successful......! i watch this movie evry cute,sweet and really romantic... somehow the plot of this story was the same as my real one... This will be a super hit if they will make it into a series. this movie is so successful .....i don't have anything to say because this movie is absolutely perfect and fantastic and the role of each members are perfect for them .. and you know what, i almost cry while watching this movie. i hope there will be a part 2 of this movie...♥ This isnt the first time i've watched a thai movie tho i have been only watching horror flicks from thai. Im in love :) It made me cry, laugh and well fall in love :).

and anw, Mario Maurer you're totally pouch my heart ;) Wow! yesterday i went to visit my friend's house and she suggested me to watch the movie...

This is so recommend for you all out there who's never been watched before.