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26 Mar

In 1643 she transferred her rights to her brother Count Philip zur Lippe-Alverdissen, and ruled with him as co-regent till her death three years later. Sedonia was daughter of Anton II von Oldenburg-Delmenhorst and Sibylle Elisabeth von Braunschweig-Danneberg, and her sister, Katherine Elisabeth, was sovereign of Gandersheim (1625-49). Her family originally came from Croatia and moved to Austria in the 15th century and were given a Countly title, held high offices in the army or in the church.

She was a daughter of the first Moäng Ratu or King of Sikka, Don Alesu da Silva (or Alexius Ximenes da Silva) who had converted to Christianity after meeting the Portuguese in Malacca. She was succeeded by her full cousin Moäng Ratu Don Simao (Samaoh), who was the son of her father’s sister Lise.

She was daughter of Hans Maz Schenk von Castell zu Gattburg and Eva Blarer von Wartensee zu Wartegg.

In 1641 her father, King Christian 4 granted her the tenantcy for life jointly with her husband, Corfitz Ulfeldt.

After his death, some days of dispute among the leading factions in the capital led to her elevation to the throne.

Under her rule the state was orderly and prosperous, with a climate favourable to foreign commerce.