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Four of the principal merchant-aristocrats formed a kind of executive council, which took many decisions, and her authority was partly derived from a careful balancing of the two major factions at the court.

Land grants to the Sultan’s loyal war leaders, which had been at the king’s pleasure under the two previous male rulers, became hereditary under Safiyyat ad-Din.

In 1671 the troops of King Louis XIV of France passed through the territory, making life difficult and several ladies left the chapter.

The Dechaness stayed in Liège 1677-79, but after her return the old disputed was revived.

Her half-brother, Frederik 3, was elected king, but she and her husband continued to provoke the reigning couple.

In 1651 they left the country and stayed by Queen Christina of Sweden until 1654, and then in Germany.

Daughter of the Marshall of France, Urbain de Maillé, marquis of Brézé, and Nicole du Plessis, who was insane and died in 1635.

Succeeded her son, Count Otto von Holstein-Schaumburg, who died 1640 without issue. She resigned in 1649 and married Duke August Philip von Schleswig-Holstein-Sønderborg-Beck (1612-27-75), whose second wife was Marie Sibylle von Nassau-Saarbrücken und Ottweiler (1628-99).She was Received papal dispense because she was under 30 when elected amidst protest from her opponent, the Dechaness Anna Louise van Berlo.The chapter had survived the Thirty Years War, but towards the end it was occupied by the unemployed troops of Duke Karl of Lorraine in 1656.Succeeded her brother Moäng Ratu Pitang (alias Kapitan) as ruler of the Roman Catholic principality on the island of Flores.She was a daughter of the first Moäng Ratu or King of Sikka, Don Alesu da Silva (or Alexius Ximenes da Silva) who had converted to Christianity after meeting the Portuguese in Malacca. She was succeeded by her full cousin Moäng Ratu Don Simao (Samaoh), who was the son of her father’s sister Lise.