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21 Dec

The eight-episode first season explores the black female experience from the perspective of the two female protagonists, Issa (Issa Rae) and Molly (Yvonne Orji) who have been best friends with each other since their college days at UCLA.

They are both in their late 20s, career and relationship experiences are explored.

When Issa hears from an old ex, Daniel, she takes Molly with her to an open mic-night in the hopes of reconnecting with her old flame.

Molly meets Jared, whose brother is performing at the open mic-night.

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Her successful best friend, Molly, is struggling with being single.

Issa performs the rap “Broken Pussy”, based on Molly’s romantic life, to impress Daniel which causes a fight between the friends.

After leaving the club, Issa gets a text from Daniel and decides to meet up with him despite Molly’s disapproval.

When the pair met after their date, Jordan shared how keen he was to see Eve again.

However, she didn't feel the same: 'I think romantically, I don't think it was there for me.'You're such a nice guy, open, warm kind of person, it's nice, it's refreshing.