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28 Mar

The internet was cited as a key source of brainwashing in only 35 per cent of cases, although this was increasing.Deprivation plays a significant part in producing terrorists, contrary to the belief that they are educated and middle class.Almost 80 per cent were inspired or directed by extremist networks, most often hate preacher Anjem Choudary’s now banned group al-Muhajiroun, which was linked to a quarter of all UK terror convictions.Mosques or faith charities were places of radicalisation for 38 per cent of terrorists.Nadim, from Bordesley Green, was jailed for three years in 2009.t's not often I struggle to get excited about watches; it's rarer still I find it this easy!They include Parviz Khan, of Washwood Heath, the ringleader of an Al Qaeda terror cell that plotted to behead a British Muslim soldier.

The setting is one of passion more than love - etched into a dial of black onyx, the kicked-off high heels and discarded garter litter the floor between the balustrade and the chaise.

Report author Hannah Stuart, senior research fellow at the Henry Jackson Society, said: ‘This study identifies some significant new challenges for the authorities, including keeping track of a new generation of terrorists.’: The used car salesman turned a terraced house in Sparkbrook into a bomb-making factory.

The father-of-two, though to be an Al Qaeda sympathiser, had plotted to kill and maim large numbers of people.

He was jailed for life in 2008.: He was a member of an Al Qaeda terror cell, consisting of 11 jihadis, who plotted the deadliest terror attack on British soil, boasting of a nail-bomb attack that could kill 2,000 people.

Khalid, from Sparkbrook, was jailed for 18 years in 2013.: During a protest in London against cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad, he called for American and Danish people to be murdered. Javed, of Washwood Heath, was jailed for six years.: A member of a British cell that supplied terrorists fighting in Afghanistan with equipment bought with dole money and donations given to help earthquake victims.