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In the past few years, I’ve fasted from things other than food, read a special Lent devotional, and more. Whether or not you're liturgical, your Easter celebration can be more meaningful if you observe Lent. Here are our top Bible studies for Lent and Easter.

Last year during Lent, as we awaited the birth of our daughter, I spent time reflecting on new life in Christ. Do them on your own, or gather a group to study together this Easter.

Now, though, I observe Lent each year, and I learn so much about God and myself in the process.

I've found that Lent is much richer than simply giving up chocolate.

Stone's organizational activities for the cause of women's rights yielded tangible gains in the difficult political environment of the 19th century.

Stone helped initiate the first National Women's Rights Convention in Worcester, Massachusetts and she supported and sustained it annually, along with a number of other local, state and regional activist conventions.

Hannah Stone earned a modest income through selling eggs and cheese but was denied any control over that money, sometimes denied money to purchase things Francis considered trivial.

Believing she had a right to her own earnings, Hannah sometimes stole coins from his purse or secretly sold a cheese.

In the long-running and influential Lucy Stone was born on August 13, 1818, on her family's farm at Coy's Hill in West Brookfield, Massachusetts.

Having determined to obtain the highest education she could, Stone enrolled at Mount Holyoke Female Seminary in 1839, at the age of 21.

But she was so disappointed in Mary Lyons’ intolerance of antislavery and women’s rights that she withdrew after only one term.

Explore the events of Jesus’ final week—each study examines one day.

In 1847, Stone became the first woman from Massachusetts to earn a college degree.