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03 May

It MUST be the NEW formula of EDT for Crystal Noir then, as I just recently tested it.

This is the first time I tried Crystal Noir and I have no idea how the old formula would smell like.

Not overly sweet, but fresh and interesting, like scent of coconut water.Initially I got a burst of coconut - like it smells when you crack into one- along with pepper and violet and maybe a bit powdery.As it dried down I could still detect thg coconut/plum warmth and pepper spice, but something sharp and tart was also there which to my nose, was offensive. I currently own a mini, which I bought first, a full bottle that I ordered right after receiving the mini and the sample they sent me with the full bottle.I'm wondering which one is listed with all these specific notes here on this page, the EDT or the EDP?Latest update: I tried the EDT at Macy's and I LOVE it so much!