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16 Apr

This is strike one against Lusty that proves it's not a legitimate dating service.You can take a look at the screenshot that we've provided of our profile showing exactly what we've claimed (no pictures and our age is 77 years old).You can take a look at the screenshot below showing that we've got at least five messages from different women that are interested in getting to know us even though we've listed ourselves as a 77 year old man. As we've already stated its computer software programs that are being used to deceive people into believing they're getting real messages from women who want to hook up with them.However if you try to reply to any email messages you've gotten from these women you can't unless you pay an upgraded fee.

That's the number one reason why we're getting email messages even though we have no information and we are listed as a 77 year old man.

This is the number one reason that they send fictitious messages to male members, it's to trick you into upgrading and buying a paid subscription to their site. (Screen shot of the 17 messages from bots programs not real women.) Below we've include another screenshot showing the various fake profiles used in conjunction with the automated computer bots to essentially sell us an upgraded membership.

Remember you can't reply to any emails on this website unless you have a paid upgraded subscription.

These women are supposedly messaging a 70 year old man to hook up with him.

We know from the terms and conditions page that the administrators of Lusty use automated bots to send people instant messages, emails and all other types of communication.