Dating for sad lonely people

26 Jan

If I feel sad about my grandmother, I let myself feel it.If I’m sour over the fact that I have yet another wedding to go to alone, I feel it, but then figure out ways to move past those feelings.Over the past year, I’ve gotten more comfortable with my current single status, and I’ve started to enjoy my life a lot more.

It felt unfair — especially when I saw people around me hitting those milestones at the same time I was grieving. In my inability to label my issue, I’d lumped all of my emotions under the “I’m Sad Because I’m Single” umbrella, and then allowed them to run wild.When you start writing about your romantic life, people tend to assume certain things about you.Over the weekend, a guy asked if I felt pressure to seek out strange sex and dating experiences in order to make my stories more interesting.Rachel Sussman, a relationship counselor and expert in NYC, says that that’s important — to a point.“If you’re single, and you really want to be in a relationship, sometimes you are going to feel really bummed out when you’re at another wedding alone, or something happens that reminds you that you’re single,” she says.