Dating gold jewellery

21 Mar

As the dawned the Hollywood influence of glamorous film stars and the import of Czech filigree vintage jewellery with their bright colorful rhinestone crystals became popular.

Clipped earring mechanisms were patented and produced in this decade.

During the post war booming economy, women changed from wearing the restraining bustles, corsets and long dress to becoming sleek stylish short haired, shorter skirted and obtaining a more liberated lifestyle.

Long vintage earrings feminized the short hairstyles.

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Cut steel was also used on its own to create all sorts of fashion accessories.

The romantic era came in when Queen Victoria married Prince Albert.

Mizpah or sentimental brooches with their symbolic messages became fashionable.

they were a great hit along with the slightly earlier screw back style.

No more piercing ears with a needle, held in the fire to sterilize and a cork at the back of the lobe to stop the needle going to far!