Dating heddon lure boxes

22 Dec

Lost during a move a few years back, I am happy to offer it to a Rebel collector.

I m sure that all collectors know how rare this item is... I was able to find and actual ad for the lure from a hardware magazine.

Jason Christie has won a bunch of money this year on the old original Rebel crankbait that is no longer in production and it was the key to his latest Bassmaster Open win on Ft. There are several products that have been around for a while that I still like to use.

They may be a bit battle scarred, but all they need is to be dusted off, customized a bit and brought back into action. Remember, the old set the course; the new just streamlined it.

Being around fishing for as long time can be an advantage.Came across this stunner at an auction in California.This is an incredible find and deserves a home in a Rebel collection. The case has lures that pre-date the release of new models for 1970 and I estimate the case to date to around 1969 more accurately.That being said, I will say that the case has been estimated at somewhere between 0-1000 and also know that I am a reasonable man. Thanks to Tim for his help with the ID of this neat lure. This is an incredible piece and one that I suspect could complete a Peterson decoy collection.If interested contact me: I found this little doosie at the bottom of a tackle box last year and it wasn't until recently that I found out what it was. Raised-relief and most-likely dating to around the late 1930's to early 40's Isimply cannot put into words how neat this sign is.