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09 Jan

must be indicated in the accompanying caption or label.Videotaping Filming and videotaping is permitted only at the discretion of the photo archivist.Exceptions to Fees The OHS reserves the right to waive use fees for the use of photographs by the Oklahoma news media in newspaper articles, newscasts, or noncommercial documentaries.

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For tips on searching the catalog for photos view the photo search instructions (PDF).With printed matter, it is preferred that the credit appears on the same, or page facing, the illustration, or, with other "sources of illustrations." Each reproduction must be individually credited.With films, filmstrips, and video usage the credit should be included with other "sources of illustrations." In the case of exhibitions, credits must appear in the exhibition area.The collection provides examples of Oklahoma's cultural, social, political, military, and business history, along with many other aspects.Some of the larger collections held by the photo archives are the Barney Hillerman collection, the Ray Jacoby collection, and the Jim Argo collection.