Dating lithuanian women

05 Dec

There are some sweet, nice girls, but less so than the other countries. I was surprised about this, but that was the reality.

That said, the saving grace is that 6s and below are not hard.

Now I know why Estonian guys were trying to keep me out... For Lithuanian hotties, you have to use long-term python game, where you orbit around her while she's in her relationship, gradually squeezing as the relationship deteriorates.

To summarize the Baltics, in Riga you'll get scammed but easily fuck a woman over 30. 2.9s are girls over 1.75 cm,less than 65 Kg,with big breasts,less than 23 years old with the same facial characteristics as 10s.It was almost automatic that a cute girl was taken. The language barrier was a mild to moderate problem here.It seems that English is a somewhat recent requirement in school, so if she's over 25 then there's a chance she won't speak a single word of English.Ironically, the cutest girl I banged in Kaunas (a 7) was Polish, though I did fool around with an 8 (but didn't close).Still, not all 6s are ready to jump a foreign guy's bones.