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04 Feb

Some equate ‘charity’ with CSR, some copy or blindly follow other companies, many want to genuinely address social issues but don’t know how to.Some go for the cut-and-paste approach: cut from companies that seem to the public to responsible citizens and paste for their own. Execution hinges on how well the idea has diffused into the operation.One large and reputable local food company was faced with this difficult question. Various options were floated for “placing” the CSR function – this revealed inter-functional tensions and desires to control or subdue the upcoming proposed CSR position.You may face similar dilemmas: Should CSR be a part of Research and Development because of their common proclivity towards innovative solutions?CSR in the form of community development is a necessary cost of doing business.CSR is a low-profile function with no or little career prospects, except perhaps for the treehugger or NGO types meandering in corporate careers in search of meaning.They would need to learn tools, frameworks, and best practices of effective CSR implementation.The company’s human resource development manager should devise the appropriate needs assessment mechanism and separate capacity building interventions for these two groups.

In order to live or (show) responsible citizenry and meet customer expectations, business leaders are increasingly adopting a CSR strategy.

Businesses are increasingly expected to solve social problems with the efficiency technically inherent in business processes.

This expectation, coupled with the downsides of a short-term, profit maximizing motive, gave birth to the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

There are two categories of people organisations must focus on: those who actually carry out the implementation of the CSR strategy and those who will provide support for the implementation.

While conceptual orientation may suffice for support function staff, CSR implementers require more intensive capacity building.