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13 Jan

The System determines how long its users shall remain involved with each successive prospect and forcibly separates them at the end of the set period, learning a little more about them with each encounter.And to ensure that it all goes smoothly, a large man with a taser follows users everywhere they go. Within these rigid parameters of courtship, writer Charlie Brooker assembles something closer to a comedy about romance than a proper rom-com.After all, aggravation over the randomness and happenstance of dating seeded the idea for Tinder as a way to streamline and refine the process of meeting people.That the app has found disproportionate success in comparison to browser-based coupling sites speaks to the paramount importance placed on speed — you’re going to die soon (or worse, get un-hot) so you gotta hook yourself a mate on the double.In its infinite wisdom, the System binds Frank to a short-tempered woman, his worst conceivable match, for an entire year.

Still, Brooker snags a few laughs in the lead-up by studiously capturing the tiny horrors of living with a significant other.Like except kind of pointless and exponentially dumber, “Hang the DJ” makes the implicit compulsory elements of dating frightfully explicit, with grim consequences awaiting those who dare to deviate.On their first date, Frank (Joe Cole) and Amy (Georgina Campbell) don’t exactly hit it off.” when Frank tells her he was only late so he could change into something nice.While Frank is dubious that there’s something to be learned from watching him hate someone’s very essence for 52 long weeks, he soldiers on regardless.