Dating morals

16 Jan

Although I honor the soul who focuses on the good in others; the dating world requires removing all veils and entering with eyes WIDE open.Closing our eyes to truth not to be alone is the sure path to pain.By viewing dating as practice, we take the expectation and pressure out of the relationship from the start.Instead, we focus on getting to know ourselves and our potential partners before flying into the sack in a mad attempt to seal the deal.We can't know what we want until we know what we don't want and dating gives us that opportunity.

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True connection and lasting companionship begins and ends with respect.

Most of us set out into the dating world hoping to land our ideal partner quickly and effortlessly.

However, sometimes we crave this connection so badly; we lose sight of or ignore the truth of what bologna we are seeing in our partner and choose only to see the "good." The desperation we have for companionship can often outweigh our logic and intuition and we end up denying or making excuses for behavior that is substandard to our worth in order not to be alone.

It took several ridiculous relationships for me to finally realize I had a pattern and that pattern was not knowing what I wanted and deserved and settling each time out of desperation.

Relationships are designed to show us our patterns if we are willing to see them.