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16 Jan

And in a few years time – a lot of new recruits to the field of archaeology?!

Speaker: Dean Paton () Email: [email protected] Why of Outreach Outreach is fast becoming an integral part of archaeology, and its importance is on the rise at a time where archaeologists find themselves increasingly having to justify their own existence.

This paper will detail the new Prioritisation Project and will demonstrate lessons learned, featuring video and images from previous projects Speaker: B.This project grows from a decade of SCAPE’s experience of community archaeology, which includes the Shorewatch Project and four community excavations.In every case, local group members were trained in a variety of techniques, their expertise increasing as projects continued over several years.The organisers invite papers on projects that have taken place, or on theoretical issues surrounding the idea of ‘outreach’.Papers which take a reflexive view of the impact of wider engagement on archaeological practice and interpretation are especially welcome.