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29 Feb

Rachel then falls in love with and starts dating Peter.— shows a rare knack for keeping a balance between what makes the characters wacky and what makes them human.The Egyptian, a 1922 cousin of the famous Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, is now home to the American Cinematheque, along with the Aero cinema in Santa Monica (itself a location, seen in Donnie Darko and Get Shorty). Formerly the Black Cat Bar, in 1967 Le Barcito was the site of what was up to then the largest gay rights protest, two years before the famous Stonewall riots in New York which are generally considered to have given rise to the gay activism movement.

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After talking with Sarah, Rachel sees that she's actually quite shallow.The cast is amazing, the jokes get better each time around, and it takes me back to a time when I thought Russell Brand could be funny.And then on top of that you’ve got Paul Rudd, Jonah Hill, and Bill Hader just innocuously popping in here and there to steal a scene. So with Jason Segel and director Nicholas Stroller re-teaming for is in order. Not sure if that’s even a thing, but consider this fair warning.In a deleted scene, Peter and Sarah meet up at the airport and make their peace with each other.In a gag scene, they ran into each other's arms and started wildly kissing, promising to never split up again.