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15 May

But if you want good food and nightlife there is no area as authentically Greek as Psiri, or as international.Psiri has always had a reputation of being anti-establishment.For those who are looking for something more organized Fantasy Travel's Northern Greece Tour includes Thessaloniki and the most important sites in Macedonia as well as the Monasteries of Meteora.the ancient city of Aigai and the first capital of Macedonia has extensive ruins including the tomb of Phillip and the summer palace of King Antigonas Gonatas.

The site is known for its mosaic floors made from small pebbles.Pastor Dan Truitt, grandson of a Greek immigrant to the US, is from the Chicago area, has been in Greece for 23 years, speaks Greek fluently, and has a Greek wife and a Greek-American Daughter.Plaka is fun for your parents but if you are of partying age Psiri and Gazi are the places to be.exploration of the site began in 1953 and continues today.In 2006, a farmer accidentally uncovered the largest tomb ever found in Greece.