Dating sites for non drinkers

27 Mar

Call it what you want but either way, it's creating problems for you in the dating world. Add/edit your profile to state that you're looking for a fellow who like to party it up once in a while and have a few beers! The LAST thing they need is to be around someone who likes to drink to pull them back down into the gutter! Having a drink 2 x's a week is not a problem and it is social.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: is the best online dating site out there.I like to go out and drink, socially with friends about twice a week.In the past I dated a recovered alcoholic and this did not work out because I always felt guilty drinking around him, and one time he almost fell off the wagon.People that don't drink aren't all necessarily recovering alcoholics or religious zealots; they may have their own reasons for choosing not to drink, all perfectly valid for them.Then there are those of us that enjoy drinking socially (whatever your definition of that is), but that doesn't make us all potential alcoholics either.