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19 Feb

ps:tested on Debian sid and Ubuntu 14.04 (I'm interested if it starts on other linuxes : Fedora , Gentoo , Arch , Slackware) libfbclient is required 21 March 2014 - Damyan uploaded a new snapshot for Debian Unstable It's also built against wx Widgets 3.0.

For other distros follow this guide on building Flamerobin with wx Widgets 3.0 (tested on Ubuntu) Thanks to Olly Betts for the patch and testing on wx Widgets 3.0.

The Error Tends to be minimized at around \( mtry = 4 \) .

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loading the required packages ## ## Call: ## random Forest(formula = medv ~ ., data = Boston, subset = train) ## Type of random forest: regression ## Number of trees: 500 ## No.

Also, the number of variables randomly selected at each split is 4. The above Random Forest model chose Randomly 4 variables to be considered at each split.

We could now try all possible 13 predictors which can be found at each split.

Decision Trees themselves are poor performance wise, but when used with Ensembling Techniques like Bagging, Random Forests etc, their predictive performance is improved a lot.

Now obviously there are various other packages in R which can be used to implement Random Forests in R.