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Richard's words ("I saw them all die") suggest he knew of the Incident's aftermath.Though DHARMA initially hid the station, security was lax, and construction required loud drilling and at least one road.The survivors descended into the Hatch and encountered Desmond, its only inhabitant, learning also of the computer "pushing the button".Jack and Locke eventually took over Desmond's task of setting up a rotation of responsibility, wherein everyone would take shifts entering the Numbers, which Locke initially believed to be of great importance.

During the lockdown, supplies were dropped by parachute to a location just outside the Swan.During construction, one worker died when electromagnetism pulled a dental filling through his forehead.Soon before main drilling began, workers stamped the station's hatch with serial numbers.Pierre Chang called the Swan project "confidential" as the station was located inside Hostile territory.The station's existence needed to be kept secret because The Truce explicitly forbade deep drilling.