Drawing down moon dating agency

15 Dec

Their main weakness lies in a lack of self-restraint and pursuit of physical pleasures. It blows one way and another, never fixed permanently anywhere, never taking a stand.

They may at times veer toward immorality, thinking that normal restrictions in human behavior don’t apply to them. It is invisible, and could be in one place when you think it is in another.

For example, traits like “talkative,” “visually oriented,” “emotional”, etc. As you near the bottom of your circle, fill in all your weaknesses, those traits that drag you down and keep you from reaching greatness.

Rabbi Shalom Noach Berzovsky, in his chassidic work, , says we are each created with a special mission to accomplish in this world.

People who possess this dominant element are leaders and visionaries: They see the big picture and long-term ramifications. On the other hand, there are common character flaws generating from the element of fire: arrogance, anger, criticism and condescension toward others, and the tendency to crave power and control. It stays in one place, continuously stepped on and caught in gravity's domain.

People who have more of this element tend toward laziness, sadness and despair. They have a heaviness about them, craving comfort and lack of effort.

They tend toward meaningless chatter, gossip, flattery and deceit, able to manipulate the truth for their own gains.

They may also have a hard time sticking to routine and order, as they subconsciously assume they can be everywhere at the same time.

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It goes with the flow, literally, naturally unbound and unlimited, unrestricted.

To figure out what this mission is, look at the upper part of your circle for the things that come easily to you – the talents you have and the things you enjoy doing.

Another part of our purpose in this world is to fix something that is flawed, within us or in the world.

• If I have leadership abilities, am I utilizing that talent, or am I basically a follower most of the time – in my career, at home, in my community?

Evaluate whether you can actually use your strengths to overcome your least favorite traits.