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28 Jan

That is why the 97-00 are rated 345 HP and the 01-04 are rated 350 HP.I did a search in the forum archives and these are the specs that I came up with.Dubai cultivates an ultra-modern image of dazzling architecture and effortless wealth.Yet its deserts conceal forgotten cities and a hidden history which reveal how its early inhabitants adapted and overcame dramatic past climate change. these types of lists take a long time to compile & some information can go out of date as suppliers change their policies - you should always cross check if the information with several sources such as LJs Lyngsat Kingofsat Flysat that it has not altered.

Five thousand years ago developments in the Hajar Mountains east of Dubai changed the world.Numerous build­ings, tombs and sections of falaj water­courses dating from this time have been excavated over an area of about fifty acres at Hili just north of Al Ain, the UAE’s third largest city, and are the centerpiece of the UAE’s only UNESCO World Heritage site.The highlight is a beautifully restored circular tomb roughly ten metres in diameter with a decorated entrance­way with two oryx carved above it, stone blocks cut so precisely that you couldn’t get a piece of dental floss between them (see featured image).Unlike the desert cities above, Julfar was a thriving port, in fact the hub of southern Gulf Arabic trade in the Middle Ages.David Millar studied archaeology and glaciology at the Universities of Bristol and Cam shy bridge before working as a science journalist and editor in London Poverty soon drove him into the oil industry however as a result of which he...