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List aspects within orb among transiting planets in influence order. In the command list below, greater than/less than symbols ('') are used to denote a command switch parameter to be replaced by the appropriate value, brackets ('[' and ']') are used to denote an optional parameter, and commas are used to separate either/or choices. List transits to natal planets within orb in influence order. just -H will print the help list and exit, but -H -i file -g will print the help list followed by an aspect grid chart. Any string may be abbreviated to its first three characters, or any longer substring as long as they all match. Transit and progression features: Secondary progressions and solar arc progressions. For example, the switch sequence -c 1 -R 6 -A 5 -F 7 10 0 may also be entered as the more understandable -c Koch -R Jupiter -A Sextile -F Saturn Capricorn 0. An ellipsis ('..') generally refers to a variable length list of values or an abbreviation for something already indicated in related switches. For example, the specification of the -I switch is -I [, meaning it can be used as either -Xs 100, -Xs 200, -Xs 300, or -Xs 400. Theres one more obscure switch prefix of ':', which doesn't affect the setting at all, but still affects any subsetting parameters. This is useful for configuration files where we want to set various flags to particular values.

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It is 100% freeware and requires no registration fee. Astrolog features: wheels, aspects, midpoints, relationship charts, transits, progressions, some interpretations, astro-graphy, local horizon, constellations, planet orbits, dispositors, various influence charts, esoteric astrology, biorhythms, different zodiacs, central planets, 18 house systems, 10800 year ephemeris, asteroids, Uranians, fixed stars, Arabic parts, script files and macros, interactive MS/X11 Windows graphics, smooth animation of charts, graphic files in Post Script, Windows metafile, and bitmap formats, and more! If Earth is unrestricted in a geocentric chart, it will be the heliocentric position of the Earth (i.e. Similar logic will be applied whenever the central object is unrestricted (with an unrestricted Sun in a heliocentric chart being the geocentric position of the Earth, i.e. Astrolog can do the position of Lilith, often called the Dark Moon.

That is slightly simpler than the -I 80 -I double toggle hack that would have to be done to do such a thing otherwise.

For example, : I 80 won't affect the interpretation setting at all, but will still set the default screen width to 80 columns.

(On Unix and other systems they will be displayed with the standard leading -.) Display program credits and copyrights.

To accommodate this, this list of options available does, if the program has been compiled for a PC, display all the switches with a leading / instead of a -.