Ed westwick and leighton meester dating in real life 2016

13 May

pulled out more than once, Georgina was the first character to appear as a mysterious stranger — pretending to be the clueless new girl in town.

But psych, that's just the first of her many schemes, from bedding Dan to finding Jesus to faking her baby's paternity.

The band released its third studio album, Then: Oh, Lonely Boy, where do we begin?

From invisible outsider to the boyfriend of Serena, the most beautiful and sought-after socialite in New York, Dan Humphrey is at least partly responsible for making Brooklyn the new Manhattan, right?

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preferring to focus her attention on her band, The Pretty Reckless.

Maybe Carter settled into life in the desert and sells T-shirts at Coachella now.

Then: Nelly Yuki is a lesson for the kids: Do not peak in high school!

She had a love/hate relationship with the GG inner circle, and her one-liners and stomach for ruthlessness were some of the show's best "OMG, is this bitch for real?! She ended her reign of terror after finally meeting her match, Chuck's skeevy uncle Jack.

Now: Michelle Trachtenberg had the perfect inspo for Georgina — her own teenage years at a prestigious but vicious private school.